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Mayan Cocoa Apron
Mayan Cocoa Apron

Mayan Cocoa Apron

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While mainly recognized today as the basis for chocolate, cocoa was much more to the ancient Maya civilization. Believed to be a gift from the gods, cocoa was cultivated and used by the Mayan civilization from at least the 5th-6th centuries BC. Its role in society was all-encompassing, ranging from a sacramental offering in various rituals, to a prestige foodstuff associated with high status and special occasions, to a form of currency used to pay public and private debt. Our design features the Maya glyph representing the syllables KA-KA-Wa (cocoa), found on pottery from a tomb in Rio Azul dating AD 460-480.

Thanks to this embroidered apron you don't have to worry about keeping your clothes clean when cooking! The neck loop and long ties, two front pockets, and intricate embroidery in front all come together in an eye-catching and comfy accessory that'll make you long for more time in the kitchen.

• 70% polyester/30% cotton
• Adjustable neck loop and long ties
• Two front pockets
• Fabric weight: 9.0 oz