World Leader In Ancient-Themed Apparel & Gifts

Our Story

On a hot afternoon not too long ago, we were wandering the narrow streets of Athens under the imposing shadow of the Acropolis. It was the end of another summer excavation season, a day of transition between archaeological excitement and the long trans-Atlantic flight back home early the next morning. In search of last minute gifts for family and friends, we perused the local shops hoping to discover some unique products reflecting the ancient civilization we had passionately worked to recover in the field. After hours of searching, greeted at every turn by the gritty face of Leonidas on black and white t-shirts hanging outside each store, we found not one thing that matched our tastes or expectations. Afterward, we came to the realization that perhaps a market existed for those who, like us, wanted to enjoy more sophisticated aspects of antiquity in their modern life.

Based on our experience, in 2017 we founded the ancient-themed apparel and gifts company Ancient Impressions. Drawing upon the art, archaeology, and culture of ancient civilizations from around the world, we create designs that both celebrate antiquity and have a story to tell; products that we would not only buy ourselves, but also would be delighted to buy as gifts for others.

As archaeologists, classicists, and historians, our purpose is to go beyond designs that are merely aesthetically pleasing. We aspire to subtly educate and perhaps inspire curiosity for continued investigation of the history and art that serve as our inspiration. 

Today, Ancient Impressions has customers in 10 countries on 3 continents. They tell us our designs encourage conversations with friends and acquaintances about ancient art, mythology, and history. We are happy and proud to share our love and appreciation of antiquity through Ancient Impressions and to provide a means of enriching modern life with the beauty and values of past civilizations.