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Gladiator Graffito (Women's)
Gladiator Graffito (Women's)

Gladiator Graffito (Women's)

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Pictorial graffiti related to gladiatorial contests were commonplace in most Roman cities. Fans and spectators used to scratch or paint on the walls different types of gladiators, scenes they had seen in the arena or the outcome of a game.

Our design is based on a gladiatorial graffito from the House of the Labyrinth in Pompeii. The figures are from left to right: the overseer seated on a raised platform; a gladiator of the Retiarius type descending a set of stairs and holding a trident; an official wearing a tunic and holding a staff; a gladiator of the Samnite type; a gladiator of the Murmillo type; and another official wearing a tunic and holding a staff.

A handwritten inscription above the figures contains two lines. The first is a "by-line" for the scene: “Faustus, slave of Ithacus, Neronian, at the amphitheater." The second records the outcome, presumably of the match depicted: "Priscus, Neronian, fought 6, victor. Herennius, fought 18, killed.

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