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Disapproving Caracalla (Women's)
Disapproving Caracalla (Women's)

Disapproving Caracalla (Women's)

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Caracalla, the elder son of Septimius Severus, is best known for having his brother Geta murdered, giving Roman citizenship to every free person empire-wide, and building the second-biggest bath in Rome.

Unlike the philosopher-emperors that preceded him, Caracalla’s portraiture depicts a gruff, scowling individual sporting a soldier’s haircut. This aesthetic led us to create “Disapproving Caracalla,” a meme-like rendering that would have been popular - if the Romans had social media anonymity.

It depicts Caracalla’s typical look of condescending disapproval, except here it’s not just a look, he actually disapproves. It doesn’t matter what it is: adorable puppy, cute kitten, or cherubic baby...Disapproving Caracalla is having none of it.

Your typical 100% cotton t-shirt (except for heather colors, which contain 10% polyester). Pre-shrunk to make sure your size is maintained throughout several washes, and a classic fit.
• 100% jersey knit
• Pre-shrunk
• Seamless, double-need ⅞” collar
• Taped neck and shoulders
• Classic fit