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February Mosaic Tote

February Mosaic Tote

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The Roman month Februarius is named after the festival Februa ("purifications" or "purgings"), which later became the Lupercalia. It was held every year to banish evil spirits and propagate health and fertility. The rites involved cutting the skins of sacrificial animals into long strips that were used to create crude whips. Priests would then run around the Palatine Hill with these, striking those they encountered to purify them and/or promote fertility. Our design is an artistic rendering of a 3rd c. AD mosaic from El Djem, Tunisia that depicts this ritual. Here, two acolytes present a figure wearing a rich red trimmed cloak to the priest who stands ready with his februum (whip) to carry out the purification. 

A roomy tote bag with a square bottom that'll hold whatever you need to carry.

• 100% cotton canvas
• Dimensions: 14 ¾” x 14 ¾”
• Dual 22” handles
• Reinforced bottom